Shoes that change color in the sun won't match what you're wearing

Taiwan's Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute — which is the kind of place I imagine is staffed entirely by Oompa-Loompas — has developed spray-on micro capsules that allow leather shoes to change color in the sun. Instead of thinking "I'll wear my red shoes today!" you can step out into the world and wear a pair of pink, orange or purple kicks depending on what mood your shoes are in, as shown in the shoddy and anonymous amazing artist's rendering above.

The F&R Institute says that its potentially wardrobe-wrecking technology will add a whopping 15%-20% to whatever pair its applied to and last for 60 hours before the effect fades. Hopefully that means 60 hours of color changing — a process that takes 30 minutes or so once the sun hits the shoes — and not 60 hours in the sun. After that, it's unclear whether you're stuck with white leather or whatever color the shoes were last. The technology may also make its way to handbags and bicycle seats, according to the Institute.

So, female readers — yes, I'm talking to both of you — are you picky about the color of your shoes, or would you find this kind of geeky "Suprise! I'm orange today!" technology to be a fun change of pace?

EarthTimes, via Coolest-Gadgets