Santa goes Sputnikpunk with tech-packed supervehicle

Could it be that geniuses at the Sheinhardt Wig Company (also known as GE) are getting creative now that they're about to get rid of us underlings at NBC Universal (the parent company of our overlords at SyFy)? It certainly appears so, if you take this high-tech sleigh for a spin. It's a clever interactive app that takes you on a tour of some of the latest ideas from GE, the company Thomas Edison built.

Whoa! Even though Santa and his sleigh look decidedly of the Sputnikpunk persuasion, that vehicle is packed with tech. Icephobic coatings? Yikes. Made of carbon fiber, tricked out with GE sodium batteries, a holographic disc and all kinds of wireless tech, Santa should be able to use this hotrod to hit every house in the world in, oh, 2.5 million years or so.

Via GE Global Research Blog