Razer Imperator gaming mouse: high quality, super-accurate

When you pay $80 for a mouse, you want it to be extraordinary. Imperator, Razer's latest gaming mouse, certainly qualifies with its solid feel, adjustable side buttons and 5,600dpi laser sensor. We got our hands on a shiny review unit, putting it through its paces in frenetic gaming as well as more conventional desktop work. We were impressed.

It's purdy
This attractive, gleaming black mouse attracts lots of dust and fingerprints, but you won't notice that when you gaze at its blue backlight glowing underneath that spooky insignia and ominously glowing wheel. It has a pleasantly imposing appearance.

Sorry lefties, this one is just for right-handers, and it's sized for action. To some of us, the mouse had the perfect width, while others thought it was slightly too wide. We especially like the unique adjustable buttons on the right, sliding forward or backward to perfectly accommodate whatever position your thumb may prefer. Nice idea, Razer.

Down to bidness
Getting down to some serious gaming, we were impressed with its remarkable smoothness and accuracy. It's a pleasure to use. Even before we dialed in its full 5,600dpi, its 3,500 or 4,000dpi settings made it so much more responsive than other mice, it took some getting used to. The 5,600dpi setting was even better.

Its mouse wheel's barely perceptible click-stops give you just enough feedback from one step to the next without slowing you down. Imperator's clicks feel and sound just right, too — they're not loud and annoying, nor are they too mushy. And the thing slides around like it's on ice, using some kind of super-slippery Teflon underneath. Even its cloth-wrapped cable oozes quality and durability.

Smack-down accurate
It was effortless to aim precisely in both online and single-player FPS games. It had a greater level of control and aiming accuracy than any mouse we've used. This is a no-nonsense pointing device with an emphasis on usability and accurate control. It's easy to see that Razer's focus was to balance form and function while not including any unnecessary software "features" or strange engineering decisions. Bravo.

Is it worth $80? A $50-$60 price point would be more realistic, but you won't feel any buyer's remorse if you drop 80 bucks on this one. Look for it on sale. Highly recommended.

Razer Imperator