Place your bets on if we'll ever see this 800hp concept hybrid

How's this for a car of the future: a sleek hybrid with a carbon-fiber chassis, active suspension, a seven-speed transaxle, and a total of 800 horsepower? Kepler Motors had us at "sleek hybrid," but we're impressed by the plethora of features on this "supercar" — especially the dual engine that combines a 550hp Ford EcoBoost gasoline motor with a 250 hp electric one — called the Motion.

Hold on, Kepler Motors? We've never heard of this startup that apparently has a penchant for masters of planetary motion, which makes us wonder if this concept will actually become reality. Kepler is keeping the run small (only 50 models), making it slightly more probable, though the target shipping date of early 2011 seems a little ambitious considering the company's just announced the Motion at the Dubai Motor Show. Still, if you guys need someone to test drive this baby, you know where to find us.

Autoblog, via Engadget