Osram intros wafer-thin OLED lighting

The days of magically glowing walls just got a little closer. Lighting giant Osram just introduced Orbeos, its first OLED light source, in the form of a circular 80mm disc that's a mere 2mm thin. It can be switched on and off without delay, and it's dimmable just like an ordinary light bulb. But that's where the similarity ends, because while its 25 lumens-per-watt efficiency uses about twice as much power as a compact florescent bulb, it's still about twice as efficient as an incandescent.

Another exciting stat is its color temperature of 2800 K, which makes it a lot warmer-looking than compact florescents, and it has a color rendering index (CRI) of "up to 80." That's a heckuva sight better than the 73 CRI of "warm light" fluorescents (but still trailing the 100 CRI of regular old light bulbs), resulting in lighting you'd like to have sitting next to you in your living room. Best of all, Osram says under ideal conditions, these way-cool panels will last around 5000 hours.

These fixtures aren't available yet, but it looks like they're getting close. As soon as they hit the market, designers will begin creating rooms that look like something from a science fiction movie.

Via OLED Display