Notion Ink Smartpad: slim, gorgeous, maybe real

Could 2010 be the year of the tablet PC? This Notion Ink SmartPad revs up the buzz another notch, rocking a 10.1-inch touchscreen with formidable power underneath. It runs Google's Android OS, blasts 1080p video without even breathing hard, and its makers claim it can play HD video for eight hours before recharging. Beyond that, it'll let you surf Wi-Fi for 16 hours. Bold braggadocio, indeed. We shall see.

The Smartpad's innards could be an example of most of the tablet PCs we'll see at CES 2010 three weeks from now, enabled by NVIDIA's as-yet-unannounced Tegra 20 chipset. We've already had extensive experience with Tegra, driving the Zune HD's OLED graphics that are so exquisitely beautiful and snappy. Making this Smartpad even more useful is its Pixel QI transflective display, operating in two modes: fully saturated color mode, and a high-contrast ePaper mode.

The Smartpad is oozing with high-style design, and it's just .6 inches thick, weighing 1.7 pounds. It's a little early to call this the winner of the CES tablet derby, because we expect many others to meet or top this high level of goodness. Will they be affordably priced? Will anyone want one? Is this just a bunch of vapor? Yes, yes, and no.

Check the tech specs:

Slashgear, via CrunchGear