North Face jackets: Wear an iPod joystick on your sleeve

Can't go anywhere without your tunes? The Hustle Audio Jacket by The North Face is wired for sound, letting you tuck away your iPod and control it using a joystick on the left sleeve. It's great for skiing, with a special bottom seal that you can attach to compatible pants, keeping the snow out of your nether regions.

There's also one for the ladies, and this one comes with a kooky name, The North Face Women's Femphonic Audio Jacket, also equipped with that way-cool joystick on the left sleeve. But really, "Femphonic?" Don't call your girlfriend that.

These jackets are pricey, retailing for around $600, but we found the Hustle and Femphonic on sale for a whole lot less.

The North Face, via CrunchGear