Most full-featured remote ever, might be overkill

One look at this fancified universal remote, and gadget gurus go gaga. But we're showing our poker face here, because this Silver PAC Evolution 5500 might just be a bit too elaborate for its own good. It uses Sideshow, the technology that was so promising a few years ago that lets you show Windows Vista gadgets on external devices.

Set for a February release, it's got a big 4.3-inch touchscreen where you'll choose your devices. That's where the problem starts. Anytime you have to look at your remote to select something, its efficiency is diminished. We noticed that problem yesterday with that RedEye iPod remote we reviewed.

On the other hand, we like the Evolution 5500's Windows Media Center support, Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in Windows embedded CE operating system. It also hooks up to your house with Z-Wave. Jeez, this is such a full-featured device, it's bound to be expensive. We'll find out pricing some time between now and February, but hey guys, haven't you ever heard of a home theater PC?

Via Gizmodo