Moon coffee table book a giant leap for one's wallet

Taschen, purveyor of big, sexy coffee-table books (and book coffee-tables) to the masses rich has really outdone itself this time. Its reissue of a Norman Mailer tome, Moonfire, comes in an aluminum case, sports a quartet of legs — sorry, make that Apollo11-esque struts — rumpled up its front cover to resemble the moon's surface, and — and this is the best bit of all — found a playmate in the shape of a piece of lunar rock that comes in a specially-designed Marc Newson case.

The downside of all of this is that the cost of this limited-edition book is $90,500. Ouch. There's a cheaper version for $1,500*, but does it come with struts, bumpy visage and moon rock? Probably not. Check it out in person at the Basel Art Fair in the U.S. this week, and check out the lunar rock after the (small) jump (for mankind.)

*Cheaper? Bwahahahahaha.

Via Fast Company