Military contractors designing war apps for the iPhone

Here's an app you won't be able to download via Apple's App Store — well, that is, unless you're in the military. Raytheon, a military contractor, is working on an app for the iPhone called One Force Tracker, which gives soldiers using it a constantly updating map, detailed with both friendly and enemy positions.

That's not the only war app out there, either. Another military contractor, Knight's Armament Company, has one called Bulletflight that's designed to help snipers hit their targets.

According to Raytheon, the iPhone is ideal as "building software for the gadget was cheaper and simpler than some of the expensive options specifically designed for military use." That all makes sense, sure, but it's something of a danger, too, what with all the time wasters available on the iPhone. Read all about One Force Tacker on Raytheon's website.