150 more 'naked scanners' on the way

One nut with exploding underwear tries to blow up a plane, and now the rest of us will be thoroughly creeped out every time we fly. Get ready for more of those "whole body scanners," 3D imaging devices that digitally strip-search passengers, giving a peek of your naked body to those government rent-a-cops from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Eew.

Maybe it's not that bad. The TSA screeners won't be keeping a digital copy of your image, nor will they ever see you face to face. It's private, sorta. However disconcerting this is, it might be a good idea to submit to these invasive searches just to make sure bombs don't make it onto planes.

The $150,000 contraptions, already tested in 23 U.S. airports, on their way to many more locations soon — the TSA ordered 150 more of the machines.

According to the New York Daily News, many airline passengers said they were "all for whole body scanners at airports, if it means better flight safety." Think about it: Would you rather be screened in a high-tech backscatter x-ray scanner, or pawed by a TSA agent in a "pat-down"?

Via Wired