If Santa drove a Chevy, his would have 3,000 lights on it just like this one

It all started 25 years ago, when Kris Marshall of Iowa decked the halls hood of his truck with a strand of Christmas lights. Fast forward to today and he's still carrying on the tradition of the "Christmas Truck," but now his truck is 3,000 lights strong.

According to Jalopnik:

It's amazingly nontechnical, it's literally just lights taped to a truck. According to Marshall "It's not very scientific, it's a hideous site in the daylight, there's black tape and wires in the daytime." But at night it's amazing. Marshall has used eight trucks and added dozens of strand since, though it's always a 2WD Chevy/GMC with a regular cab and eight-foot truck bed "the way a truck ought to look."

Apparently it's all illegal, actually, though Marshall says local police officers don't seem to mind. Girlfriends, however, are another issue: "If you're picking up your girlfriend in the Christmas truck and she's not expecting the Christmas Truck that can be a dealbreaker."

Jalopnik, via Neatorama