Humbling video: The Known Universe makes you feel like a speck

Thanks, American Museum of Natural History. You just put life into perspective for us, and you know, we don't mind that our Solar System is nothing but an infinitesimal speck on the Milky Way galaxy, which is itself a mere dot in the grand cosmos.

The video is part of a new exhibition, Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City, and it's produced by Michael Hoffman and directed by Carter Emmart.

Most remarkably, the video only takes you to the known part of the universe. What else is out there, beyond the quasars? Now we're feeling even smaller. It gives new meaning to the phrase "grand scheme of things," launching into insignificance our complaint about how this video was placed on YouTube in a 4x3 aspect ratio instead of wide-screen 16x9.

American Museum of Natural History, via The Awesomer