How big is too big? This projector flaunts a 65-foot-wide image

Projectiondesign's F35 projector is touted by the company as being the world's first to project at a 2560-by-1600-pixel resolution. That means it's able to support up to 720p/1080i, making it a good option for big-screen gaming or movie watching. It also means that it may not look all that terrible when blown up to an image 65-feet-wide, which the company says it can manage. Ever wanted to watch a movie on the side of an office building? Well, hey, maybe now you can.

Some other specs, for parties interested: it's 6,500 lumens bright, the contrast ratio is 8000:1 deep and it has connections for DVI-D, dual HDMI 1.3, dual VGA, and component inputs. The only big question left is the F35's price, and we're guessing it's a very big question, if you catch our drift. And I think you do, 'cause I'm laying it on pretty thick. (I think it's going to be expensive.)

SlashGear, via CrunchGear