Ferrari's 200 ton F1 racing simulator is better than Mario Kart

Eat your hearts out Wii fans, Ferrari has just unveiled what must be the ultimate racing simulator rig. The only catch is that you have to be a Ferrari F1 race driver if you want to take a spin in it.

New rules in Formula 1 racing have made on-track testing almost impossible during the season, so the teams are having a hard time getting their drivers familiar with new tracks and changes in the cars. Ferrari's solution has been to build a racing simulator that would make any gaming fan think they were in heaven.

Controlled by 10 computers with a combined 60GB of RAM, the simulator uses 174 horsepower just to move the hydraulic actuators. Five 3D video screens provide a 180 degree field of vision, while a 3,500 watt Dolby surround system recreates the sound of the real thing. Total power consumption is a staggering 130,000 watts. The main difference compared to the real experience, is that standing still you won't need a helmet.

Unfortunately all Ferrari gave us was this picture of a rather nerdy looking Angelo Bertolini running the first test laps. The steering wheel shot is from a 2008 F1 Ferrari, just to give you an idea of what an F1 driver has to deal with as they zoom around.

Alas, the Ferrari F1 simulator will not be available to the public any time soon.