Electrolux finds strangest place to stick iPod dock

Electrolux, purveyors of household appliances to, er, a lot of people, have come up with a very clever marketing idea/concept. (Don't tell me that this is honestly going into production, because I just don't see it happening.) The Silence Amplified is a vacuum cleaner with a built-in iPod dock that will, claim the Swedish neat freaks, revolutionize your cleaning routine.

After some serious research, which you can find in the video below, the boffins discovered that listening to heavy rock gets the job done quickest, while jazz cleans more thoroughly. "Our laboratory tests show that if you listen to music while cleaning, it will improve the cleaning performance, reduce the stress levels and give a general feeling of well-being," said Electrolux's product line manager.

I, however, am firmly in the Quentin Crisp camp when it comes to cleaning. According to Britain's Stately Homo, "after four years, you don't notice the dust."

Via Telegraph Via Appliancist