Delta Touch2O faucet brings magic to the kitchen

The Delta Pilar Touch2O kitchen faucet lets you start or stop its water flow with a quick touch on any of its metal surfaces with your hand or arm. Its maker says it's more sanitary than ordinary faucets, and claims it adds efficiency to your kitchen cleanup. Let's see how well it works.

This beautifully designed fixture is a work of art, but it was almost too big for our laundry room utility sink. It's probably just about the right size for most kitchen sinks, although the faucet sends the water out at an awkward angle — we wish it would send its stream at a straight-down 90-degree angle instead.

Installation takes about an hour, where you mount the battery holder, install a solenoid control between the water pipes and the faucet, and then mount and connect the fixture. Delta says the faucet's four "C " batteries give you about a year's worth of regular kitchen use.

The Touch2O's touch response is remarkably well calibrated. If you hold the spout to reposition it, or grab the magnetically attached spray head, the water keeps running, but if you give it a firm touch, it turns off. The water flow and temperature is controlled with the handle, and that's also touch-sensitive. You can even touch the spout or handle with a bare arm and it'll dependably turn on or off, making it so you can control the faucet without touching it with, say, greasy hands. That makes it more sanitary and contributes to quicker workflow in the kitchen, just as Delta claims. It all works beautifully, seeming to know when you want it to turn on or off.

This Delta Touch2O faucet would be an elegant addition to any kitchen, and its high retail price of $585 is heavily discounted — you can pick one up for around $365. Install it yourself, or do like we did and pay a plumber about a hundred bucks, and you have yourself the beginnings of a high-tech kitchen. Highly recommended.

Here's a video of the faucet in action:

Via Delta Faucet