Concept train provides passengers with real-time route info: dangerous intel?

The Schwebebahn is a suspended monorail in Wuppertal, Germany. Designer Andrea Schoellgen proposed this upgrade concept, which has a number of features to make things more convenient for today's commuters. The stroller spaces in the middle of cars and light-up handrails are great, but the feature we like the most is the interactive information panel. Train routes and times would be available to any passenger, presumably updated in real time with any delays or deviations.

Me likey, though in the wake of last week's terrorism scare, transportation officials probably aren't in a hurry to provide passengers with more information. But doing things like turning off in-cabin maps seems ridiculous to me, and having real-time info about your route and where the trains are on it would be incredibly useful to passengers in any subway system. Does keeping this info from the public really make us safer anyway? I say no, and I'd like to see interactive info panels in every station and subway car. But what do you think?

Coroflot, via Design Launches