Carbon fiber iWallet squeals if you leave it behind

Attention forgetful rich people with money to burn: Your wallet has arrived. The iWallet is impressive from the get-go, made of your choice of carbon fiber, a mix of carbon fiber and Kevlar (both $600), or a lower-cost fiberglass model for a relative bargain price of $299.

But that's just the beginning. The absent-minded will be happy to know that this hard-shell wallet and credit card case is equipped with Bluetooth, sounding an obnoxious alarm if your wallet and cellphone get more than 15 to 30 feet away from each other. If evildoers get their greedy paws on your fancy techno-wallet, it will do them no good — the iWallet's biometric fingerprint reader will only allow it to open for you.

Available for preorder now, you'll be able to get this ultra-secure money-carrying device in a variety of colors, shipping December 11. Here's a video of this exorbitantly priced bauble:

iWallet, via Oh Gizmo