Bye bye keys: Face recognition door lock

Here's the lock of the future. This Chinavision facial recognition door lock is packing a couple of night vision cameras, using accurate 3D tech to recognize your face in a fraction of a second. It's designed to store up to 500 faces, functioning as an electronic time clock for businesses. But we think it's like something out of a James Bond movie, and want to put one of these $456 devices in our abode, letting us eschew house keys from now on.

If you are a business owner, this techno-tattletale could come in handy, recording exactly who's coming and going and at what hours. But we'd rather use it at home, gazing into its twin cameras for less than a second as it pops open the door. Couple this with keyless entry for cars, and the humble key will be a thing of the past. Maybe computers could be routinely equipped with this tech, too, so we would no longer need passwords.

Chinavision, via Gizmodo