Britain to make taxpayers pay $1 billion to catch digital pirates?

The British government's Labour Party proposed the Digital Economy Bill in October, a get-tough policy against copyright infringers that threatens to take away an offender's Internet connection after a third offense. The problem is, this bailout of movie and record producers might end up costing British taxpayers $1 billion USD.

But Labour Party leaders have a plan. They're thinking digital piracy will be reduced so much that tax revenues from all those increased media sales will equal $2.72 billion, defraying part of the cost of the policing of such draconian measures. However, they still plan to pass along $1 billion of the cost to innocent taxpayers, equal to about $40 for each broadband connection in the country.

Funny how these clueless government types make the mistake of assuming that reduced piracy equals additional sales of records and movies. Meanwhile, the British media industry loves this bill, which is gaining traction in the British government.

Never mind that most of the people of Great Britain think it's a horrible idea. We can only hope this twisted logic doesn't find its way to U.S. shores.

Dvorak Uncensored, via DailyTech