Boxee Box looks anti-boxy, brings web video to your living room

For those of you still reluctant to place some sort of PC next to your TV, Boxee wants to bring the vast wellspring of Internet video to you, too. Here's our first look at the Boxee Box, an attractive little connected digital video player that's made by D-Link. It'll cost $200 and will be available in the second quarter of 2010.

Take a look at the reverse side of this asymmetrical cube, and you'll see an HDMI output, Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi, a couple of USB ports, and it's all controlled by an RF remote. Sounds like it's good and ready for a well-appointed living room or home theater.

Or you could just tape a tiny PC to the back of your TV and have access to Hulu and the rest of the Web without any intermediaries getting in your way. Oh, and you could still use Boxee in its highly capable software-only form — an updated version is now in beta.

Via CrunchGear