Blio: Futurist Kurzweil creates futuristic e-book interface

That gray-and-black Kindle screen not fancy enough for you? Futurist and inventor extraordinaire Ray Kurzweil dreamed up an elegant alternative, and he's calling it Blio. He's aiming this prettified user interface at the iPhone, iPod Touch, computer screens, and we presume, the rumored Apple iSlate.

Kurzweil's idea includes his specialty, text-to-speech support, building on his decades-long expertise that continues today with the eminently useful Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software. Add that to Blio's enhanced color support, precise text formatting, and its appealing front screen with drop-shadowed books, and you might join us in thinking Kurzweil is onto something.

Blio will be rolled out officially at CES 2010 next week, and we'll be there to assess how adept is at displaying colorful magazines, picture books, and anything else that would benefit from a magazine-like presentation. Will there be an Amazon Kindle that can measure up to this and all the other upcoming tablets? Are e-readers not versatile enough?

Via Gizmodo