Bing brings it

Who doesn't google with Google? Everyone, right? But, if Microsoft has its way, people will be binging more than they google, and they're updating Bing to tempt folks to give it a shot. Here are a few updates that really stand out.

Don't know about you, but all my computers have three weather websites on my toolbar. Instead of checking all the local forecasts, I can type in "weather New York, NY" on Bing and it searches all the forecasts and will compare them all, side by side. As it learns which tends to be the most accurate, it will move that one higher up the list. An engine that learns. Nice.

Bing has added something Microsoft is calling entity cards. These are informational windows with extra data on what you're searching for. Look up an artist, and current tour info will be on the card. Look up a city, and airfares might show up.

There are also updates to the Bing maps, but sadly, they're nowhere near as detailed as Google maps. Sorry Microsoft, but the Bahamas shouldn't be that hard to get detailed images of. I'm sure as other things improve on Bing, the maps will follow. I hope.

Via The New York Times