Art Lebedev's see-thru truck concept

Art Lebedev, he of the wallet-busting concepts that sometimes make it to the real world has come up with a surreal — nay, crazy — idea for road safety. The Transparentius is not a Harry Potter spell to be used on girls' tee-shirts in a club, but rather for truck drivers. The idea consists of a camera stuck on the front of a truck which transmits the image of the road ahead onto the back of the load, showing drivers in the car behind just what is up ahead of them.

It's not the first time the Russian design agency has gone all Jack Kerouac on us all, but this sure is a laaaaaarge concept. Just one question. Is it better than seeing the dirty white backside of a truck with "I'm a dirty girl who needs cleaning up" written in the grime? Possibly.

Via Engadget