Apple Tablet here by Spring?

Top of the list of gifts we'll have to wait until next year to buy is the Apple Tablet, and today there's another round of rumors swirling around the much-anticipated apparition. Now we have a couple of know-it-all analysts saying we'll be seeing a 10.1-inch tablet in March or April, 2010, and it'll cost $1000.

These prescient soothsayers add that the tablet's multitouch screen will not be an OLED panel as rumored previously, but it will be an LCD display that could be up to 12 inches in diameter — either way, the screens will reportedly have "stunning graphics." This could mean they'll be able to play 1080p video, like the Joo Joo Tablet can. Hoo boy.

How do these guys know all this? They're saying they have contacts in the supply chain, posting that secret manufacturers are gearing up to roll out up to 10 million of the tablets in 2010.

Jeez, this is highly desirable device. For us, it could replace most of the functions we use the iPhone for, such as reading, playing with apps and generally connecting via Wi-Fi (what, it's a phone?). Yeah, we'll be first in line to snap up such a sweet slab. If it exists.

Via Cult of Mac