5 classic sci-fi gadgets guaranteed to please your geekiest beloved

Let's face it: if there's a sci-fi geek in your life that means a lot to you, then you know how this time of year can be a real headache when it comes to finding unique geeky gifts. Sure, there are plenty of sci-fi pop culture goodies out there in stores, but our beloved nerds deserve better than yet another light saber, even if it is a different color.

We at DVICE know your pain so we've assembled a list of classic sci-fi geek gadgets that are sure to knock some nerd socks off, let alone inspire that singular nostalgia us nerdy folk crave. Click Continue to get this party started.

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alienusb-gift guide.jpg
1. Aliens USB Drive

Fans of H.R. Giger's acid-blood-fueled space nightmare will adore this miniature USB alien that plugs into your computer or laptop of choice. It's got fantastic detailing from its shiny cylindrical cranium to its bony claws, but the real fun starts when it gets warmed up and randomly shoots its inner mandible out like its full-sized cousins. Its mouth also lights up an angry red — nice touch, no? The Aliens USB will be available in mid-December and costs 3,990 yen (about $45).

science-tricorder-gift guide.jpg
2. Star Trek: Original Series Science Tricorder Replica

Star Trek is all the rage this year after the reboot, but there are still many, many old school fans that will get a kick out of this classic series Science Tricorder prop replica. This man-bag accessory was Spock's favorite tool-of-choice on away missions, and fans will be delighted to discover that this replica also features a separate scanner that lights up and makes authentic sound effects, including Leonard Nimoy's own Vulcan logic bon mots. The Star Trek: Original Series Science Tricorder Replica retails for about $30.

forcetester-gift guide.jpg
3. Star Wars Force Trainer

There comes a time when every Star Wars obsessed fan has to put up or shut up. It's just not enough to have custom curio cabinets stuffed with oodles of high-end collectibles or to own complete action figure sets all the way back to the Kenner days (NRFB, of course). Not when you can actually become a Jedi. Wannabe Padawans can put on a wireless headset that allows them to focus their brainwaves at a tube with a Jedi-approved ball inside, which will actually rise and fall based on the trainee's sheer will. Wookie's honor, we kid you not. This contraption will read your brainwaves and provide 15 Jedi training exercises to prove your Midi-chlorian worth. The Force Trainer retails for a buck shy of $100.

fluxcapacitor-gift guide.jpg
4. Back to the Future Flux Capacitor

Great Scott! (Could I really open this any other way?) Doc Brown's tinkering can now be a part of your own car or home office décor with Diamond Select Toy's Back to the Future prop replica of the iconic time machine actuator. Created to spec from the original featured in the film, it has LEDs inside and directions created from old-school punch labels outside. The Unlimited Edition Flux Capacitor is available on December 16th of this year for about $220.

tlighter-gift guide.jpg
5.Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter

You never know when you might need a light, so why not flash some flame in style — the Terminator way. Regardless of what you thought of Terminator Salvation, the endoskeleton designs of the late, great Stan Winston have never gone out of style and this die-cast metal collectible is a sleek homage to the master. The lighter is a replica of the nuclear fuel cell that powers the T-800s, so it provides fans of the series a more subtle tech toy that doesn't break the bank like, say, a life-size endo. The Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter will cost you $20.

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