The 3 greatest 3D moments in Avatar

Here, let me make your life a little easier. On the fence about seeing Avatar? See it. Don't know whether you want to see it in 3D? See it in 3D. That's coming from a guy who has absolutely shunned 3D movies — I refused to see Up! wearing the dreaded glasses.

If you got happy chills when you saw that Raptor's T. Rex's eye dilate in Jurassic Park, then the clarity and detail you'll see in Avatar will have you tingling all over. Everything, from the beautiful environment to the small little details — the way the Na'vi suck in their stomachs a bit when they breathe, for instance — it all really pops in 3D.

Click Continue for the three greatest 3D moments I experienced while watching Avatar. And don't worry, no Tasha-Yar-sized spoilers here.

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1. The First Flight

When you first take the skies in Avatar it's as good as any ride at an amusement park. I mean, who hasn't had dreams of being able to soar around? Well, Avatar is about the next best thing, giving the audience plenty of time to just soak it all up as you watch our Navi protagonist soar above a picturesque gorge — and the effect of 3D really makes you feel like you're high in the air, too.

2. Those Awesome Holograms

Where Minority Report made the idea of touchscreens sexy, Avatar is inspiring that same kind of lust in us for holograms. They've never looked this good. With your 3D specs on, they may as well be real, too. Sadly, the real-world technologies that remind us of what's being used in Avatar — such as Microsoft's Surface table — can't conjure up holograms. What's worse, we're in for a long wait — over 100 years, if we're waiting to catch up to Avatar

3. The Busy Battles

The aerial action in Avatar simply looks damn good. But it's not all pretty explosions: the amount of Navi warbirds and human aircraft engaging one another really lets the movie play with 3D and all the different layers of stuff going on and getting blown-the-eff-up. What really stuck out to us, oddly enough, was the smoke trails behind the missiles. It's almost mesmerizing the way each one looks a little different, and really gives you a good spatial sense of where the missile started and where it's going. It's also a good example of how Avatar, crafted for the 3D viewing experience, is able to show off the tech in nuanced, subtle ways, rather than just having a character throw something toward the audience for an "Ahhh!" moment.

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