NYC's 2010 Times Square display is pedal-powered

Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, all eyes will be on the lights in Times Square, New York City to see the year "2010" light up in all its LED glory. Betcha didn't know that the power for those lights is coming from a completely renewable resource — humans!

For the second year in a row, Duracell has created the Duracell Smart Power Lab with stationary bike-like Power Rovers in Times Square where folks have been pedalling these bikes to generate the power for the lights. Just in time for the big night, the Duracell Power Rovers have collected over 32,000 watts of energy, which is enough to light up the numerals "2010" after the ball drops tonight.

How much power you could harvest at home by hooking up your home fitness equipment? Might make for a new kind of New Years resolutions for 2010. Happy New Year!

Duracell via Inhabitat