Would you pay $250 for this classy flashlight?

mPower is banking on two things to sell its $250 Emergency Illuminator: its swanky design and the reliability offered by its reserve battery. Let's talk about that battery, first. Up top you can see the flashlight has two tubes: one for your run-of-the-mill batteries, and the other for a sealed, one-use battery that, we're told, is rated to last 20 years, and can instantly power the flashlight at full strength.

That doesn't mean you can just rely on the battery and run the flashlight 24/7 for 20 years. Rather, it's long shelf life means that you don't have to worry about it going dead without use. The reserve battery is sealed, too — you twist it to activate it, and that's when your 20 years start. It's not rechargeable, though mPower tells use you will be able to get a new one for somewhere in the $20-$30 range, which is reasonable.

The Emergency Illuminator has the Porsche Design Studio to thank for its curves, but its not all aesthetics. As a fun bonus, the flashlight has a USB port that you can charge your gadgets, such as a dead phone. mPower doesn't have a solid read on what kind of charge you'll get as it's still being tested, but we were told somewhere around a half charge for an iPhone, with the flashlight battery at full strength.

The Emergency Illuminator won't be out until next year. So, does a reliable, stylish flashlight fetch $250 in your opinion?

From mPower:

The mPower Emergency Illuminator utilizes a groundbreaking battery technology developed by mPhase Technologies to offer Power On Command(TM) when and where you need it. The mPower Reserve Battery offers an unprecedented minimum shelf life of 20 years and has an immediate activation to full power. Through an intricate battery design, mPhase developed a way to eliminate power dissipation before initial activation.

The mPower Illuminator provides an intense beam of white light using a high-performance LED, and is equipped with an accessory USB connection that can be used to charge electronic devices such as BlackBerries and iPhones.

"We are honored to win this peer reviewed Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association," said mPhase CEO Ron Durando. "The combination of the sleek, cutting edge design by the Porsche Design Studio and the unique 'first of its kind' emergency capabilities make the mPower Emergency Illuminator an extraordinary consumer product.