Underwater flight a possibility with the Super Aviator

Uber-fanatical as I am about scuba diving, and all things deep blue, I'm just not convinced about the Super Aviator. Sure, it's a two-seater submarine that costs around $2.5 million and has people like Roman Abramovich and Richard Branson moist with excitement, but this underwater vehicle has got a bit more going for it than a mere rich man's plaything.

Unlike most submarines, which rely on a ballast system (and have limited manoeuvrability) the Super Aviator is built along the principles of flight. This means that the craft uses thrust, lift and drag, using its wings and a joystick to allow you to bank, turn and curve, as if you were in a plane. It's able to sink to below 1,000 feet, and can travel at around 6 knots per hour — but the best thing about it is that it's battery powered, allowing you to cut through the water in an almost silent state, without that awful dull hum of engine-powered craft that bugs scuba divers so much.

The company behind the Super Aviator, SAS (or Sub Aviator Systems) are hoping that the sub's business possibilities are endless. The craft could be used for surveying oil rigs and underwater pipelines, for reef exploration, shipwrecks — even underwater filming. And there are plans for an underwater "flight school," which will set you back around $16,000. Any takers?

Via Daily Mail