Twitter a-weigh: a scale that tweets your weight

There are many motivations to lose weight — health, appearance, a desperate need to fit into that old pair of skinny jeans. Now add sheer embarrassment to the list. We showed you the Connected Body Scale a few weeks ago, but now it's added an interesting twist.

The Connected Body Scale by Withings ($159) has always been able to connect to the Withings website or (free) iPhone app via built-in WiFi to track your weight. Now it will also tweet your weight. Isn't that just what you've always wanted? All of your followers can also follow your weight losses or gains. How's that for motivation?

We've continued our hands-on review of the scale, and while we won't be broadcasting our weight any time soon, we can report that other than a very hungry battery consumption, the scale is living up to our expectations. Gotta go — it's time for a jog before my scale rats me out.

Via The L.A. Times