TV host creates shoe controller for iPod

Too often concept gadgets remain concepts, doomed to forever stay as Photoshopped flights of fancy. Not so these shoes that double as an iPod controller. Thanks to a challenge on the U.K.'s The Gadget Show and the help of industrial designers at Smallfry, presenter Suzi Perry's concept of controlling an iPod with her shoes became a reality.

It's a rather odd-looking reality, but the idea has merit. Tap your shoes together to turn the volume up, skip tracks by kicking your feet one way or the other, and pause the music by pushing your toe downward. That's about as hands-free as it gets, and I could a more sophisticated version being useful for dancers — letting the performer control musical cues with her movements rather than vice versa. Great stuff, but I can't figure out if it should be licensed by Apple or Nike?

The Gadget Show, via talk2myshirt