Transtube 360 shower teleports you to Planet Clean

If, this Monday morning, you're reading DVICE without your lenses in or spectacles on, or haven't supped your morning espresso, you may well look at this little object de cleanliness from Spanish bathroom firm Roca and say, "ZOMIGOD, it's a teleporter!" and beckon Spock, or Uhuru, or whoever it is shares your bed-castell, in order to boldly go (all the while splitting infinitives) and discover new planets.

It's actually a shower cubicle. Perfectly rounded, perfectly futuristic and, while not offering up such an all-singing. all-dancing experience as some bathroom extras, the Transtube 360 is still pretty special. The rotating door is free from hinges, screws and handles, and opens using motion-sensor technology. There's another shot after the jump

Via Trendir