Transforming oil tankers from floating goldmines into floating fortresses

Defending an oil tanker from pirates is a tricky business. On the one hand, you've got cargo worth upwards of 100 million in black gold; then again, you really don't want bullets and RPGs whizzing around when your vessel is basically a floating bomb.

Still, the capture of the Greek-owned Maran Centaurus, a 300,000-ton oil tanker and one of the largest prizes for the infamous Somali pirates, is a clear sign that something has to be done. An infographic from and Oil and Gas News shows one solution: load a tanker up with all the high-tech goodies we can. It's a kitchen sink approach, with everything from unmanned aerial drones and robotic boats, fire hoses, LRAD sonic cannons (which helped successfully defend the Maersk Alabama earlier this month) to crazier deterrents such as electric fences and dazzle guns.

Well, all that and crossed fingers, of course. Click on through to see a larger graphic.

Click to see a larger image:


gCaptain, via Oil and Gas News