This creepy robot wants to be your personal trainer

Bandit, a robotic personal trainer developed by students at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering, is designed to walk humans through beneficial workout routines using vocal "encouragement" and articulated arms. I write "encouragement" because, really, I think that our friend bandit may have a little chip on its motorized shoulder.

Why? After working out for a little, Bandit will call you out on sweating, and then cheekily imply that it's sweaty, too. Nope, it's not — it's just trying to get inside of your head. Bandit also has a mode where it watches your movements and mimics them, matching your arm motions with its own. Of course, this is accompanied by sarcastic remarks about how much fun it all is, but, you know, at least Bandit is trying.

Check it all out in the video down below.

Via PhysOrg