T.27 electric car a cross between Toytown tank and golf cart

With a slightly misleading name (honestly, one expects the 27th-gen Terminator to be: a) purty; b) in possession of a modicum of stealth and invisibility) the T.27 is the future of automobility. Well, that's what its designer, Gordon Murray, who was once to Formula 1's McLaren team what H.R. Giger is to nightmares, thinks. A top speed of around 60mph, plus a range of 100 miles on a single charge, you could call the T.27 a lean-ish, green, tootling machine — but that's not what gives the vehicle its eco credentials.

The T.27 is manufactured using a process called iStream, which designs the car by computer and welds it together, rather than stamping the parts out of metal sheets. Its predecessor, the T.25, weighed just 600 kilos (1,323 pounds) as it's free from all the luxuries that most modern cars are equipped with — which must mean they've skimped on the cup holders in the interior, then.

And although that looks like the Mayor of Toytown (nice sash, Mr Mayor) behind the wheels, it's actually a Government minister, Lord Drayton, sailing majestically along an autumnal road in Blighty.

Via Daily Mail