SWITCH screwdriver a simple, credible idea

One of the best parts of writing about technology is the vaporware that seems to ooze from every pore of the Internet. The truth, however, is that many of these artists' impressions will only ever be just that — artists' impressions. So concepts that are simple and eminently workable, such as this SWITCH screwdriver, have more of a chance of being manufactured.

Designed by Jiangdang University students Liu Yunlong, Jia Peng, Cheng Peng, Wang Dongdong and Xin Yaoyao, the SWITCH has a shaft that can lock into place at 90 degrees to the handle, making it easier to tighten screws to their most secure. Okay, so it can't do all the things that some tools do, but you've got to give it some kudos — after all, pricewise, the SWITCH will cost you about one hundredth of one of these.

Via Yanko Design