Super high-rez YouTube 1080p video on the way

When YouTube rolled out the ability to upload and stream 720p video last year, only 1% of the uploaded videos took advantage of that crispy clean HD resolution. Now, with that number approaching 10%, YouTube announced it will increase the maximum resolution of videos to 1080p.

Vowing to let users stream video that looks as good or better than the source quality, YouTube Director of Product Management Hunter Walk says the company is re-encoding all the 1080p videos that have been uploaded over the past year, and they're about halfway through that process now.

This is great. YouTube is aiming at that "10 foot experience," while still allowing desktop users and mobile video watchers to enjoy streaming videos at the appropriate resolutions, too. Astonishing stat: users upload 20 hours' worth of video each minute to YouTube.

UPDATE:1080p is now live — here's a sample.

Via NewTeeVee