Super-accurate ultra-micro copter is almost like the real thing

The minute we gazed upon this $180 E-flite Blade mSR RTF Electric Mini Helicopter, we wanted one. It's about the same size as those nearly-impossible-to-steer styrofoam model choppers, but its accurate controls set it a world apart. It weighs less than an ounce, and its 4-channel 5-in-1 control unit gives you the ultimate micro-flying experience.

There's nothing to assemble on the Blade mSR RTF (the RTF means ready to fly), and E-flite includes two batteries so you can fly twice as long. The company touts the micro-copter's unique rotor head design, providing "the perfect balance between the speed and agility of a single rotor heli and the reassuring stability of coaxial rotor heli."

It's hard to believe how sophisticated these little helicopters have gotten. With a little practice, you could probably fly it upside down (okay, not really — see comment below). Just thank your lucky stars you're not a miniature human sitting inside.

Via E-flite