Steerable bowling ball means anyone can bowl 300

At first we thought this remote-controlled bowling ball was a joke. But no, the RC900 is a real, shipping product, steered with a remote control. It works by moving a weight mounted on a threaded shaft within this semitransparent bowling ball.

The Texas company that makes the $1500 trick ball markets it for children and disabled bowlers, letting them easily steer it away from the gutters. It does a great job — it's nimbly guided, even around multiple obstacles as you can see in the video above.

Here's a close-up of the bowling ball itself, along with another video of the ball and its remote control in action:

We're wondering how such technology might work when the ball is bowled full speed. It's rife with cheating possibilities — from now on, every bowling ball used by those unusually improved bowling buddies of yours will need to undergo careful scrutiny.

900 Global, via Popular Mechanics