Spore True doorbell button sets you apart from the crowd

Doorbell buttons are symbolic. Most are backlit, saying to the world, "I have power." Isn't it funny how similar everyone's doorbell control is? Now you can break away from the rest of the sheep with this "True" doorbell by Seattle design firm Spore. You can choose this 1.8-inch diameter doorbell button in brushed aluminum, black or bronze, with white, amber or blue LED backlight. Or if you don't want to cause a ruckus in your neighborhood, you can order it without any backlight at all.

We've had a Spore doorbell button similar to this called D-Light for the past five years, and are constantly surprised at how many enthusiastic comments we get about it. Almost every person who comes to our door is amazed at how we've broken from the tradition and have a blue-backlit doorbell. And burglars probably think it's some kind of high-tech security system. You can see its blue light from two blocks away — it really stands out.

UPDATE: It's now listed as $56 at the Spore store, $48 for the non-illuminated model. Thanks, Okham!

Take our word for it, it's worth every penny. Here's an installed view:

Spore, via Gizmodo