Sony's Digital Copy: Transfer Blu-ray movies to PSP

Even as Disney plans to put its movies on any device anywhere, Sony is bringing us its own new-and-improved method of multiformat content delivery. The first-ever Digital Copy of a feature film — specifically for use on the PSP — is accessible directly off of the Blu-ray disc, via a connected PlayStation 3, with no computer required.The first two movies to get the feature are Godzilla (yeah, the God-awful one with Matthew Broderick) and a new release, The Ugly Truth.

Back on the DVD format, Sony had sometimes made life simple by parking the Digital Copy file, for portable viewing, on the same disc as the movie. Digital Copy editions of Blu-rays, meanwhile, had up until now required a second disc inside the package, a DVD-ROM, to transfer the PSP-compatible bonus copy, over on the computer. But since there's plenty of storage space on a 25- or 50-GB Blu-ray disc (the PSP video file is typically less than a single gigabyte), other factors including the tricky Hollywood deal-making needed to align to make this feat of convenience possible.

The new feature is only available on Sony movies, and it only applies if you have both a PS3 and a PSP. Because of DRM and other system requirements, iPod and Windows Media Digital Copy require a PC or Mac to perform the transfer, but as Blu-ray drives on computers become more commonplace, could a single shiny disc really carry all media to all movie fans? We'd love to see that, as it would also reduce manufacturing costs and the environmental impact of all those extra discs.