Shake N Wake gently nudges you out of your slumber

You must be tired of being jolted out of bed with a honking, clanging, shrieking or buzzing alarm clock. Those days are over with the Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock, either adorning your wrist or nestled under your pillow all night, ready to shake you awake with its gentle vibrations. The best part is, if you're getting up earlier than everyone else in the house, the only one awakened will be you.

We do wish they would've rounded off the design a bit, which could get in the way if you're up for some nocturnal spooning with that significant other.Wearing a bulky alarm watch on your wrist is not that comfortable, either. But it must be popular, because this $25 wrist vibrator is currently out of stock at Thumbs Up UK.

Thumbs Up UK, via Chip Chick