Sensaware transmits real-time package location, accelerometer data

Another package plopped onto our doorstep with a thud today, making us wonder, what else happened to that unfortunate box on its way from there to here? FedEx cares about things like that, too, so it rolled out Sensaware, a connected sensor that gives you real time accelerometer data to detect drops or jostling, exact location info within a few feet, and even reports the temperature and whether the contents have been exposed to light.

It'll be used first by the medical industry, where price is apparently no object, especially in the United States. But this sophisticated Sensaware tattletale isn't outrageously expensive — using one of these BlackBerry-sized sensors costs $120 a month. It's packed with tech, including a GPS receiver, accelerometer, cellular transmitter, and a light sensor, and its data can be accessed via the web.

Sensaware will be especially useful for shipping donated organs and surgical supplies, showing doctors exactly when shipments will arrive so they can prepare for surgery. They'll also be assured of the organ's condition and treatment in transit. Once the price comes down, the rest of us will be able to watch our Christmas cookies make their trip from mom's house, confident they'll arrive fresh and unbroken.

Via Fast Company