Senior Mobile Phone actually is your grandma's phone

Big buttons. A simple display. Rounded corners. Yep, with a design like that, it's definitely for grandma. It's even named as such: 6380 Senior Mobile Phone.

Don't let its bland screen and simple design fool you, though, as it does have a few features that'll please more technically savvy elders. You've got a phone book, SMS messaging, calender, alarm clock and games inside, as well as a a built-in flashlight and an "SOS" button. The big, red panic button is located on the back of the phone and, once pressed, will dial a preset number and set off an alarm on the phone.

The big downside here is that the 6380 only works on GSM network GSM 900/1800 bands, meaning it's not for the US or Canada. The rest of the world can keep an eye out for it, though, for $75.

Geekologie, via Technabob