Scalp Massager, straight out of a 22nd-century beauty parlor

Put this bulbous contraption on your head and you'll suddenly have a total of 63 doodads manipulating your scalp. Bet you didn't know you needed the Headtime Scalp Massager by Kinatech, packed with 29 silicone head scratchers and 34 ceramic thingamajigs to make sure your head is promptly put in the right place.

Could that plethora of moving parts makes too much noise? Perhaps its manufacturer feels the same, trying to drown out the humming of all those magic fingers with an internal speaker piping in what it calls "soothing sounds of nature." Adding to the comfort is a temperature controller, warming things up if you're feeling too cool for words. We'd rather have it cooling us down.

We're thinking it might feel pretty good to have such a helmet busying itself about our crania, but as far as pricing goes, it has us scratching our heads. Check out this mechanical chapeau's mildly scary insides:

Via AVing