Riding mower + industrial crane = flying hedge trimmer

You call that a hedge trimmer? Now, this is a hedge trimmer. Well, it's actually a riding mower suspended by a crane, but it works just as well.

Apparently, it was all actually a joke by two men in the UK New Zealand. "We were supposed to get all dressed up in our Mooloo gear and show people that this is how the Waikato boys mow their hedges," one of them said. Neighbors hailed it as a "A kiwi classic - jandals and all."

All right, I'll admit it: I'm not really sure what any of these people are saying. I see a crane, a riding mower and a hedge to be trimmed and I just know it's all awesome. Sadly, there's no video. I guess the Waikato boys don't have a YouTube account.

Stuff.co.nz, via Geekologie, via Neatorama

CORRECTION: New Zealand is not in the UK. Durrr.