PowerZoa lets you tune in and turn off anything in your house

Smart plugs of all kinds are all the rage these days, but the Powerzoa wraps up everything you need in a smart plug in one small, discreet cube.

Looking like a cross between one of those old-school travel adaptors you took on your first trip to Europe and the pieces from a '70s board game, Powerzoa gets between the wall outlet and your gadget's plug. But unlike some smart plugs that show you your power usage on an attached display, Powerzoa transmits it wirelessly to a secure website, where you can check power usage from a laptop the next room or the next continent.

Then you can turn the plugged-in device on or off via the website — saving you energy and making Powerzoa not just cooler-looking than those ancient "dial-the-hour" timers your dad used, but also making your home a much more confusing target for burglars.

They're still in prototype stage, so no word yet on when the Powerzoa will come to market.

Via Powerzoa