Melty chocolate phones might give you a sugar rush

If you're the kind of person who needs to text or call your sweetie every five minutes, you might want to check out these cavity inducing melty chocolate phones from Japanese designer Q-Pot. Working in collaboration with Sharp, Q-Pot came up with two tasty colors, Melty Bitter (brown), and Melty Strawberry (pink), both of which feature a 3D effect chocolate case, chocolate themed menus and wallpapers, and packaging just like your favorite Belgian pralines.

On the more practical side, the phone has an 8MP camera emblazoned with the words "give me a sweet smile", a 3 inch screen, and a Japanese system TV tuner. Ironically, this is actually a clamshell design rather than the more appropriate candy bar.

With production limited to 13,000 units, it's hard to say if any will escape the hot grasp of the Japanese teenage girl target audience.

Akihabara News